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For schools, colleges & universities

Emma is available to host massage clinic days and workshops at dance schools, colleges & universities across the UK. This includes sports massage therapy, vocal massage therapy, PBT (progressing ballet technique) & barre fitness classes, as well as presentations & workshops. See below for more information & contact details.

Presentations & workshops

Workshops and presentations Emma can deliver include:

  • Injury prevention & management for performers

  • Introduction to sports massage

  • The importance of stretching, strength & flexibility

  • The Healthy Dancer (covers aspects of physical health, mental health & nutrition)

  • Psychology of Dance (performance anxiety, mental health, motivation)

  • Introduction to PBT (Progressing Ballet Technique) & Barre Fitness

  • Aerial Hoop workshops

Emma's most recent workshops include Injury prevention within performing arts, Introduction to sports massage (practical workshop), the importance of stretching delivered to staff at The Royal Opera House, & an introduction to business presentation to the sport students at West Nottinghamshire College.

These ideas can be either purely presentation work, practical or a mix of both.

Please get in touch with Emma to discuss ideas for your school!


Sports & vocal massage

Sports massage can provide many benefits for dancers including:

  • Releasing muscular tension & tightness

  • Can help to increase range of motion at a joint/ flexibility

  • Helps to prevent injuries from occurring or worsening

  • Reduced fatigue & DOMS (Delayed onset muscle soreness)

  • Prepares the muscles ready for dance class

  • Can help to relax the muscles if post-exercise

  • Research has shown massage to have positive effects on self-esteem & anxiety

To learn about vocal massage therapy, please click here.


Emma can provide massage days at your school college or university! If your school is not dance focused, please still enquire if interested. Please get in touch to discuss more with Emma.


Emma is a fitness instructor, Barre Fitness instructor, & PBT (Progressing ballet technique) teacher. Emma's classes are focused on the control and technique of each movement, and additionally work on strength, flexibility, posture, turnout, coordination & alignment. Other classes Emma can teach include kicks, leaps & turns sessions, & beginner aerial hoop classes (equipment must be provided at the school for aerial hoop).

Classes can be tailored to all ages & abilities. For more information on PBT & Barre Fitness classes, please click here.

(Photo is from "Can You Dance? Super Convention 2023" in Liverpool, teaching flexibility classes on the Demo stage.)

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