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Emma is a Barre Fitness Instructor & Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT) teacher, and uses both of these qualifications within her sessions.


Barre Fitness is an elevated version of Pilates, which incorporates ballet technique with traditional pilates exercises, including the use of pilates balls & resistance bands. Group classes begin with the "Barre Basics" which are explained at the start of each session, with standing barre exercises, followed by mat-based exercises, finishing the class with stretching exercises. These classes adopt a "feel the burn" approach - a more intense version of pilates!

Aims of these classes are to improve our strength, flexibility, control, posture, balance, coordination, & more!

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Barre Fitness Group classes in Sutton-in-Ashfield & Mansfield, Nottinghamshire!

Thursdays 6pm at the Regency Dance Centre, Sutton-in-Ashfield

Fridays 7pm at Fortitude Danceworks, Mansfield


£5 per person

Join us if you want to see improvements in your strength, flexibility, posture, balance and control. Exercises are low-impact, high repetitions and are a mix of standing and mat-based exercises. Be ready to feel the burn!

Group classes are made to be fun yet challenging. We have a supportive and friendly group of people who all love barre!


Keep up to date with classes via Facebook or Instagram! Any important updates will be added to this website or messaged out to those who attend the classes.

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Classes are also taking place at Manor House Fitness in New Ollerton. These classes are for the gym members of MHF only. Visit the gym app to book your place!




Interested in trying Emma's Barre Fitness classes & challenges from your own home? 

Emma has launched her first online program called "Journey to the Splits".

Click here to view!


Keep an eye out for more coming in the future!


Keep up to date with class information by following Emma's Barre & PBT social media!

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