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Vocal Massage Therapy

What is a vocal massage?

Vocal massage therapy (also known as laryngeal massage/manipulation therapy) involves massage and manipulation of all the areas that help with production of the voice. Sessions are aimed at those who are working towards optimum voice health and function, and those who are voice users, such as singers, actors, teachers and many more. This treatment is also suitable to receive alongside vocal coaching &/or speech therapy.


A standard vocal massage session can include working on the:

  • Larynx

  • Tongue

  • TMJ (temporomandibular joint)

  • Neck

  • Shoulders/chest

  • Ribs & Diaphragm/abdominal region


All sessions are tailored to the individual to ensure effective and suitable treatment.

Vocal massage explained

Booking your vocal massage session:

Vocal massage appointments can be purely vocal massage, or can also include a standard sports massage - perfect for if you have general aches and pains but would also love to have a vocal massage too. When booking, this option will be available to choose.

When booking a vocal massage a thorough consultation will be carried out in clinic (separate to the initial online form) so Emma can make the treatment as appropriate and beneficial as possible for you.

One of Emma's specialities is providing vocal massage therapy. To learn more about Emma, click here.

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