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Terms and conditions

  • Sports Massage by Emma is a sports therapy clinic that also offers spa experience appointments. Emma is trained in sports massage therapy which means all massage appointments will be sports massage. Spa appointments will also be sports massage therapy with extra techniques added for the treatments. This includes hot stone massage and Indian head massage. 

  • All clients will be required to fill out a client consultation/consent form when arriving for a first appointment. Details may also be asked on the initial booking process over Facebook, Instagram, email etc.

  • If you are aged 17 years or under, please bring a parent/guardian to the first appointment with you to be able to sign the consultation/consent form.

  • Treatments will only be carried out if safe to do so (for example, existing health conditions can potentially affect treatment)

  • Please note that Sports Massage by Emma is a professional clinic setting and abuse, inappropriate behaviour and anything relating to this is NOT tolerated. (Please see the inappropriate behaviour section below for more information)

  • Bookings will not be taken for a “relaxing sports massage”. Sports massage is designed to help those in need of relief from aches and pains. (Again, please see the inappropriate behaviour section below for more information regarding this)




  • If you can no longer make your appointment for any reason, please let me know as soon as possible! This means I can open up this appointment for other clients.

  •  If you fail to attend a booked appointment without contacting me to let me know you are unable to make it, next time you book I will require a £10 deposit to secure your booking. This deposit is refundable if you let me know at least 24 hours in advance. If you give me less than 24 hours’ notice or do not attend your booked appointment, then this deposit will be non-refundable.

  •  If you are late for your appointment, I will not be able to go over your appointment time if I have a client booked in straight after you as this will make all the other appointments run late too. I have to ask that full payment will still be required.


Inappropriate behaviour:

Unfortunately I have had a few cases of MAJORLY inappropriate behaviour among clients so I need to make these conditions very clear:

  •  If at any point there is inappropriate behaviour from a client including either verbally, physically or sexually the appointment will end IMMEDIATELY and full payment will still be required, even if the full appointment time has not been completed.

  • Abuse of any kind will not be tolerated.

  •  If I suspect a client is displaying inappropriate behaviour and are trying to do this discreetly/secretly, they will be questioned immediately.

  • Inappropriate behaviour can also include explicit messages sent to me about ‘additional treatments’– I am a sports therapy clinic only. If anything of this subject is mentioned during the booking process the client will be blocked. If this happens during treatment, the treatment will end immediately and will follow the same procedure as above.

  • Harassment of any kind is also not tolerated. An example of this is if a client keeps trying to contact me when I have told them I will no longer treat them due to inappropriate behaviour. 

  • If any kind of inappropriate behaviour is displayed by a client, they will not be allowed to book any future appointments. 

  • If I am made to feel uncomfortable during a treatment session because of inappropriate behaviour, I have the right to end the treatment.

  • Clients names that display this inappropriate behaviour will be added to a list and sent to other local massage/sports therapists so they are also aware of their behaviour.

  • Wearing underwear or shorts at a minimum is compulsory for massage – again Sports Massage by Emma is a professional sports therapy clinic! If a client does not agree with this, does not comply with this rule or makes any kind of suggestive comments around this subject, then again the appointment will be terminated as this is highly inappropriate.